What’s Up With the Name Huck Finch?

Since you're reading this, you're probably curious about the inspiration for our name Huck Finch. (If not, then too bad because that's what you're going to get.)

We knew we wanted a name that conjured a story, so we fittingly named our business after two characters from stories we love who capture the spirit of our brand - Huckleberry Finn and Scout Finch (we ain't got time for Atticus).

When people hear Huck Finch, we want them to think:


But coming up with this name wasn't easy. Even though we do it all day for others, it was particularly challenging coming up with the right name for our own brand. We tried every word under the sun, and we definitely caused a traffic spike on Thesarus.com as we looked at every possible word, its synonym, and antonym. But nothing resonated with us.?

On top of that, it seemed like every dot com was taken, and we weren't going to pay some bozo thousands of dollars to own a domain for a name we only?kind of? like.?

So, we hit a brick wall and decided to work on building our business, hoping inspiration would strike.

Inspiration exists, but it has to find us working.

- Pablo Picasso

Boy, was Pablo, right! While working our butts off one day, Hien received a text from Matt that simply read, Huckleberry Finn. (Boom!) Hien immediately thought of other characters that inspired him.?

The first name that came to mind was Guy Montag from Fahrenheit 451. Though he embodies some of our brand's spirit, he knew we could do better. Who else in literature is the personification of adventure, curiosity, rebel, scrappiness, and joy? Scout Finch.?

Hien texted Matt this name, I anxiously waited to hear his response. His reply was music to his ears as all he wrote back was, YES!?

And, to top things off, huckfinch.com was available! Jokes aside, though, we couldn't be happier with our name. Huck Finch captures the best of these two characters who've had a significant influence in both of our lives.

We wear this name with pride in knowing we strive every day to live our brand:

  • To always search for the adventure like finding buried treasure in a haunted house.
  • To be always curious like Scout as she tried to put herself in Boo Radley's shoes.
  • To rebel against convention like rocking overalls instead of a dress.
  • To be scrappy by pretending to be your best bud, Tom Sawyer, to rescue your other bud, Jim.
  • To find joy in every moment, knowing life is just a trip down the river.

With these values in place, we believe?Huck Finch?is the perfect totem for the spirit we wanted our brand to embody. It'll be the totem that'll help us be a contagion for positive change through functional beauty.

When we experience setbacks, failures, or exhaustion, we can look at our name, Huck Finch, and remind ourselves that we can overcome any obstacle using our hearts, our minds, and our spirits.

Say?hello?if you want to hear more of our story. We'd love to listen to your brand stories!

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